2nd Scientific Advisory Board Meeting in PECUNIA

Under the lead of Prof. Martin Knapp (London School of Economics, chair of the Board), the 2nd PECUNIA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting took place on May 17, 2019, in Vienna. After the kick-of meeting at the beginning of the project in January 2018, the advisors met the consortium members for the second time to be updated on the project’s progress and to give targeted input.

In the beginning of the meeting the leaders of the work packages and horizontal activites introduced their results and next steps in short presentations. They also posed some questions on which they needed input from the Advisors. After a short break-out session, the Board members gave feedback on different aspects of the presentations and on the status quo of the project in general. They were impressed with the way PECUNIA is organised and how interactions within the consortium seem to create a collegial atmosphere, with good dynamics across project components. They also gave feedback on structural and methodological aspects within the project and encouraged the consortium members to introduce PECUNIA to the different stakeholders and user groups as early as possible to get maximum longer-term impact. The ideas on how to follow up on the project even after its end were very much welcomed.

The PECUNIA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is an important part of the workplan of the project. It is not be part of the consortium officially, but its scientific input for strategic decisions is very valuable on a consultative level. The Board consists of methodological and decision making experts, health professionals, psychiatrists, key stakeholders located at European HTA institutions, health insurance institutions, EC Joint Actions on Mental Health and Wellbeing, and the European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness (EUFAMI). For an overview on the 10 PECUNIA Advisors, click here.