Facts & Figures

PECUNIA is funded with a total budget of €2.99 million over the next three years by the European Commission’s current Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020. The consortium consists of ten partners with multi-disciplinary academic backgrounds in medicine, economics, public health, health economics, psychology and sociology.

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  • Duration
    42 Months


  • Multi-National
    10 Partners
    6 Countries


  • EU Funding
    2.99 million €

    EU Funding

  • Gender Equality
    50:50 male:female PI ratio

    Gender Equality

  • Cost Assessment
    3 mental health disease areas
    Depression, Schizophrenia, PTSD

    Cost Assessment

  • Multi- and Transdisciplinary
    15 related projects
    and activities

    Multi- and Transdisciplinary

  • Impact
    5 tools and databases expected for multi-sectoral, multi-national and multi-person assessment of costs and outcomes for economic evaluations


  • public-private collaboration
    7 universities, 2 research institutes, 1 SME

    public-private collaboration

  • Multi-Sectoral
    7 sectors
    health and social care; education and criminal justice;
    employment; patient, family and informal care