Specific objectives of PECUNIA over its 42-month work plan are to develop:

  1. New, internationally standardised, harmonised and validated, generic, self-reported, multi-sectoral resource use measurement (RUM) instrument consistent with a harmonised unit cost approach.
  2. New, internationally standardised, harmonised and validated multi-sectoral unit costing templates and a multinational electronic compendium of core resource and service reference unit costs for selected mental health diseases.
  3. Methods for estimating cross-national utility value sets (pan-European and supra-national) allowing increased comparability and transferability of health outcomes across Europe.
  4. An electronic compendium of existing, generic, patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and their metadata suitable for health and broader wellbeing assessment in multi-sectoral, multi-national, multi-person economic evaluations.
  5. Increased stakeholder awareness and engagement to ensure rapid adoption of the developed methods, tools and information, and exploit (business) opportunities for their long-term sustainability and further expansion.

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