Virtual Final Workshop

Assessing the costs and outcomes of healthcare for economic evaluations in Europe

As the PECUNIA project reaches its end, a one-day virtual Final Workshop is organised to present the key findings and results of the project.

The event will feature presentations from PECUNIA partners and live discussions with key stakeholders and external experts to increase the awareness of the developed methods and tools.


  • When: 02 June, 2021 at 9:00-14:30 (CEST)
  • Where: Zoom-Webinar
  • Participation in the Virtual Final Workshop is free of charge.
  • To register for the workshop, please click on the registration button below.



  • 09:00 - Welcome by PECUNIA Coordinator Judit Simon, the Medical University of Vienna (MUW)
  • 09:15 - Flash statements of all PECUNIA Principal Investigators and members of the Scientific Advisory Board
  • 10:00 -Tackling the Tower of Babel: PECUNIA Costing Concept for harmonised identification and definition of services and resources

  • Chair: Alexander Konnopka, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
  • Presenters: Alexander Konnopka (UKE), Judit Simon, the Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Nataša Perić (MUW), Mencía R. Gutierrez-Colosía, PSICOST Scientific Association (Psicost)

    *10:30 - Coffee break

  • 10:45 - What is not measured is not counted: PECUNIA Resource Use Measurement (RUM) Instrument

  • Chair: Silvia Evers, Maastricht University (UM)
  • Presenters: Irina Pokhilenko (UM), Luca M. M. Janssen (UM), Joanna Thorn, The University of Bristol (UnivBris), Claudia Fischer (MUW), Kimberley Hubens, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Valentin Brodszky, Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB)
  • 11:15 - One size to fit all: PECUNIA Costing Templates for harmonized unit cost calculation

  • Chair: Judit Simon, the Medical University of Vienna (MUW)
  • Presenters: Judit Simon (MUW), Susanne Mayer (MUW), Luca M. M. Janssen (UM), Kimberley Hubens (EUR), Valentin Brodszky (CUB)
  • 11:45 - Comparing apples with apples at last: PECUNIA Reference Unit Cost (RUC) Compendium

  • Chair: Judit Simon, the Medical University of Vienna (MUW)
  • Presenters: Judit Simon (MUW), Michael Berger (MUW), Irina Pokhilenko (UM), Kimberley Hubens (EUR), Valentin Brodszky (CUB).

    *12:15 - Lunch break

  • 13:00 - Harmonization and standardization of Outcomes for Economic Evaluations in the EU

  • Chair: Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)
  • Presenters: Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen (EUR), Judit Simon (MUW), Agata Łaszewska (MUW)
  • 13:30 - Validation of PECUNIA tools in Spain

  • Chair: Renata Linertová, Servicio Canario de la Salud (SESCS)
  • Presenters: Renata Linertová and Lidia García-Pérez (SESCS), Mencía R. Gutierrez-Colosía, PSICOST Scientific Association (Psicost)
  • 14:00 - Final Q&A session

    *14:30 - End of Workshop

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